Friday, May 11, 2012

Chicken Soup discusses how to manufacture an American Domestic Terrorist...

In a troop of chimpanzees the ability to bully others and escape any significant punishment is the standard method of acquiring status. The large, physically powerful alpha male does whatever it wants and no one dares complain.

In American society, particularly during that critical decade from the onset of puberty to about age 24 or 25 when almost everyone who attends college has graduated or otherwise moved on, the rules of behavior are about the same as those for chimpanzees. The large, physically powerful alpha males do whatever they want and anyone who dares to complain or criticize can expect to be brutalized for the high crime of "trash talking." No adults appear brave enough to mention the fact that if the least violent individuals in your community talk trash about you, it's probably time to clean up your act.

This "critical decade" is when potential domestic terrorists, serial killers, and other, similar personalities are transformed into real ones by conditioning them to hate and fear others. Robbed of the ability to form healthy relationships with others, particularly with females, the potential serial killer or domestic terrorist may spend decades in a fantasy world where he is powerful instead of powerless. It may be years or even decades before they actually start to behave as criminals, but the necessary conditioning takes place when they spend most of their time surrounded by individuals who are about the same age.

Americans in the information age can reinforce the conditioning process by ensuring that violent alpha males like David Salmon are widely seen to be escaping significant punishment. There may be someone in another state, or even another country for whom the coddling of David Salmon will be the last straw. No one will be able to prove that of course, and it doesn't make any difference in any case. For most Americans, the safety of other people's children just isn't a priority when compared to the ego of a young, ruggedly handsome sociopath.

Go Rebels!!

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