Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicken Soup with Jeremiah Ramirez: Franklin's photographer-at-large...

Terrorists can sleep soundly knowing that yet another American sociopath will get off easy after our judicial system goes through the motions of pretending to care about victims.

Jeremiah Ramirez is David Salmon's partner in crime and personal photographer. Ramirez positioned himself to capture David Salmon's assault and battery of his victim Cory Pingeton and then posted the crime on Twitter for all the world to enjoy.

Here's what really happened:

David Salmon is not a person. It's just another violent alpha male member of the human species. It's parents utterly failed to socialize it by teaching him to place value on the lives and well being of others. Like an alpha male dog or chimpanzee, David Salmon wanted to be feared and obeyed. The standard method of inspiring fear in others is to choose a scapegoat, publicly brutalize him, and then sit back and enjoy the lavish attention of the usual social climbing whores, victim blaming cowards, and toadying sycophants who fawn for the alpha male's favor.

Go Panthers!!

David Salmon chose Cory Pingeton to be His Majesty's scapegoat and then conjured up the old "trash talking" excuse for his criminal behavior. Given the history of violent athletes, I fully expect him to get away with it without serving a meaningful sentence.

And here's what's going to happen:

Both of these criminals will get a finger wagging from a judge after cutting a deal with the prosecutor. They'll walk free with their heads held high, secure in the knowledge that in America, victims simply don't matter.

And that's why we have events like the Columbine Massacre. A society that kisses enough sociopath ass eventually precipitates a homicidal rage in the victims.

Go Rebels!!

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