Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chicken Soup visits the Minotaur's Maze...

There are a number of articles about David Salmon's behavior available for your online viewing pleasure. Read the previous few posts if you don't know who David Salmon is. Many of the comments left on these articles by other readers refer to David Salmon as a coward for sucker punching his victim Cory Pingeton instead of facing him.

There's a small problem with this:

Cory Pingeton would still be the victim of a violent crime even if David Salmon had openly faced him. In the fantasy world where millions of Americans actually spend their lives, the bully challenges the victim to "step outside" so they can settle things like men. There's a fight in the schoolyard where the bully gets a bloody nose and learns not to harrass the victim again. Everyone gathers around the victim and complements his fighting skill and manliness while the bully stalks off angry with a few of his shocked and scummy looking toadies. The victim is seen looking into the sunset with the pretty girl on his arm. Movie credits flow across the scene to the accompaniment of appropriate music.

In the real world, things transpire a bit differently. The victim is facing a criminal (often the product of parents who are unrepentent assholes) who is much larger, much stronger, and far more violent than he is. If the victim refuses to accept His Majesty's challenge, the cowards (usually the bulk of any community) will look upon him not as a victim of bullying, but as a coward who won't stand up for himself. He is now considered to be a legitimate target for harrassment because he brings it upon himself. (Refer to the Bully Enablers post for more information here.) If the victim steps outside and has his face rearranged by the bully, he is still the victim of a violent crime but cowardly adults will ignore any complaint he makes and remind him that "fighting is not the answer to your problems." He will now be treated as a willing participant rather than a victim.

The victim is gored by the Minotaur no matter where he turns for one simple reason. In America the victim doesn't matter. Most Americans are sick fucks who enjoy watching other people's kids being brutalized while they whine endlessly about crime, violence, and terrorism. Pay close attention to the manner in which our judicial system treats this case. David Salmon will get off with a suspended sentence, perhaps a requirement to attend anger management classes (a sick joke obviously intended to further humiliate the victim), and a stern warning from the judge to "watch me wag my finger young man."

This will embolden other criminals in other high schools and possibly inspire more victims to find solace in very public acts of destruction. And those who could have addressed the problem will play the denial game.

Enjoy the soup folks. And don't forget to feign bewilderment at the next serial killer, mass murderer, or school shooter.

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