Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chicken Soup visits the subject of depraved indifference...

If there's one skill a terrorist needs in order to get the job done and still sleep at night it's the ability to feel absolutely no empathy for those who suffer. Terrorists can learn this skill by watching the behavior of those who are going to fight hard to get David Salmon off with a stern warning that NEXT TIME YOUNG MAN!!!! YOU'LL BE ON REPORT!!! or some such empty threat.

The Columbine killers watched violent athletes get away with violent crimes. The next such individuals who stage a similar media event will no doubt watch David Salmon walk out of court with his peacock feathers spread wide having achieved his goal of making his peers fear him.

This is the mark of a successful domestic terrorist.

Keep whining about Muslim terrorists. I'm truly fascinated.


  1. If one shows care or concern for another, it can lead to guilt. It's far easier to dehumanize them and treat whatever happens to them as out of sigh and out of mind.

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  3. In a troop of chimpanzees the ability to bully others and escape any significant punishment is the standard method of acquiring status. The large, physically powerful alpha male does whatever it wants and no one dares complain.

    In American society, particularly during that critical decade from the onset of puberty to about age 24 or 25 when almost everyone who attends college has graduated or otherwise moved on, the rules of behavior are about the same as those for chimpanzees.

    This "critical decade" is when potential domestic terrorists, serial killers, and other, similar personalities are transformed into real ones by conditioning them to hate and fear others.