Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicken Soup asks, "When is it acceptable to complain about being bullied?"

Read this oddball story, then continue...

If you complain about bullying when you are a child you'll be branded a momma's boy, a sissy, or a wimp, and your parents will be ridiculed for wanting a nerf world for their precious baby.

If you wait until you've reached puberty before complaining about bullying the insults will take on a distinctive sexual tone. You'll be called a pussy, a faggot, or a bitch. This is the beginning of a phase in life when social climbing whores know who to service and who to shun and cowards know who to suck up to and who to look down on.

If you wait until you've graduated high school and entered early adulthood before complaining about bullying the insults will be about half sexual in nature and half about your level of maturity. You'll still be called a faggot or a bitch, but there will be an increasing number of bully enablers who claim that you've failed to mature and failed to get over being picked last for baseball. You'll continue to notice that women who could choose just about anyone they want still shamelessly whore themselves to the biggest assholes and cowards continue to identify themselves by sucking up to bullies and blaming their victims.

The older you get before you complain about being bullied, the more bully enablers will accuse you of being obsessed and having issues. You'll be told to get professional help...at your own expense of course. You might even be looked upon as potentially dangerous to all those peace loving, mature people who stood by and did nothing while your head was being stuffed into a shit filled toilet. Bless their hearts.

The subject of the above linked story, 73-year-old Carl Ericsson obviously wasn't raised in an environment where complaining about being bullied was acceptable behavior.

Once again...Americans make it very easy for terrorists to do what they do and still sleep at night.

Go Rebels! Three cheers for Sandusky! And don't miss a game no matter how many violent sociopaths show up on the field.


  1. It's only acceptable if you're popular and well-liked and your target isn't.

    I got in trouble for bullying back some people who had bullied me, they never got a slap on the wrist.

  2. You've inadvertantly stumbled across the real reason the Columbine killers were hated so much. They were not popular enough to impose harm on others. If a popular athlete murdered a bunch of students, sycophants would have come out of the woodwork to claim that he was under so much pressure to perform on the field that he just snapped.

  3. Well their popularity (or lack of) is also related to their puny size. Had they been hulking giants, people would have been more afraid to call them faggots to their faces nonstop and to try to drive them out of the school.

    Geeze, the nerve of them to be skinny and unbuff, what a bunch of queers!

  4. The unspoken question is...how many more Columbines will it take for the enabling public to become intolerant of bullies?