Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chicken Soup with bully apologist Rick Holmes...

Rick Holmes of the MetroWest Daily News reminds us that we shouldn't put violent criminals in prison because that only makes them more angry. He refers specifically to David Salmon, the ruggedly handsome sociopath who demonstrated both his personal bravery and his family character by brutalizing a smaller, weaker Cory Pingeton in front of a video camera.

On the second page of his article Holmes reminds us that the frontal lobe of the human brain isn't fully developed until the mid 20's, obviously implying that David Salmon didn't understand right from wrong. He makes no mention of the fact that bullies seem to know enough to avoid attacking victims who are bigger, stronger, or more skilled in the fighting arts. Violent sociopaths don't have immature frontal lobes. They're just assholes, usually being raised by parents who want their children to be feared by other people's children. In reality, anyone old enough to attend kindergarten understands right from wrong. David Salmon and others like him behave in a criminal manner because they've been taught, usually at home that you're not a man unless others fear you. They've also learned that no one in authority will pull their bully loving, victim blaming heads out of their asses long enough to impose a meaningful punishment. Holmes continues with the statement, "If you want a kid to stop acting childish, wait long enough and he'll grow up." David Salmon didn't "act childish." He brutally attacked his victim in a manner intended to cause physical injury and excrutiating pain. More important from a legal point of view; David Salmon committed his crime in front of a camera in order to impose a state of fear in every other student in school. David Salmon is a small time terrorist, not a naughty child.

The last paragraph on the second page of Rick Holmes' article states, "What crime victims really need is to understand why it happened to them. They want a sincere apology and some reason to believe the criminal has been changed by the experience, and won’t do it again." Holmes somehow believes that victims of violent crime want to be further humiliated by a phony apology and an empty handshake from the criminal and another display of depraved indifference from adults in authority. I could continue, but it's better if you read the article yourself.

Rick Holmes reminds me of the ultimate victim blamer, Izzy Kalman. You can find a few more posts about Dizzy Izzy by googling his name and Chicken Soup. These two guys should get together and swap stories about the best way to turn victims of adolescent brutality into adult serial killers.

The world's terrorists may be criminals, but they shouldn't lose much sleep killing Americans who value a violent sociopath's desire to be feared over the safety of the victim.


  1. I agree, jailtime isn't the solution.

    A nice caning would work wonders and would eliminate the risk of the offender being raped in jail and coming out even more psychotic for it.

  2. David Salmon is like Mitt Romney. He'll be an empathy deficient sociopath for the rest of his life regerdless of what anyone says or does. The subject of theis weblog is to emphasize that the victim pool produces our nation's stock of serial killers, school shooters, and terrorists like Timothy McVeigh. Confining David Salmon to a small cell for a very long time should be done with the intent of proving to victims, his and everyone else's that society values their safety more than the sociopath's ego or family honor. When victims feel secure in the knowledge that sociopaths will be punished instead of given athletic scholarships and blowjobs, perhaps they'll find something else to do besides writing computer viruses and sniping at cars on the highway.

    Or we can just ignore the problem and hope it goes away.

    1. What about caning?

      It avoids the risk of him being assraped and going even more psycho, and inflicts a good bit of fun on it.

      People say it's "inhumane" but given the sex abuse in juvey facilities, caning is a LOT more humane than how we treat offenders. (seriously, look into rape at juvey centers, it's pretty sickening)

  3. The victim is best treated by denying the sociopath physical access to the victim for many years and by costing the sociopath many years of his youth/life. Sociopaths rob their victims of the ability to live without fear. It's time for our sick, bully loving, victim blaming society to either put victims first or quit whining about terrorism.

  4. "fun on it" LOL, meant "gun on it," weird way of saying pain. I'm not some spank fetishist, lol.

    They should be punished, I'm just saying that being continually raped behind bars is an unjust punishment no matter what crime.

  5. The solution to prisoner abuse is to put them into small, individual cells and allow no contact with other prisoners. You can open up an awful lot of prison cells by putting ankle bracelets on pot growers and tax evaders instead of wasting a cell on them. Cages are perfect for violent animals that want to be feared.