Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chicken Soup celebrates the conviction of Jerry Sandusky, All American Pedophile of Penn. State...

Domestic terrorists who haven't made up their minds yet will no doubt be watching the Pedophile State saga closely. Will they be enraged by further displays of depraved indifference, or will football fans defuse the vitriolic rage of unknown victims by staying home on game day and possibly save lives?

The conviction of Jerry Sandusky is a victory of sorts, but only a small one. He's currently 69 years old and probably won't live long enough to really pay for his life of crime. What's really important about his conviction is that it opens the door to the criminal prosecution of as many of Sandusky's enablers as possible, countless civil suits which will, if there's any justice in the world destroy the finances and the reputation of the Pedophile State football program, and send a chill up the spines of every high school and college administrator in that bully loving, victim blaming paradise known as America.

Potential domestic terrorists will be watching the behavior of the public to determine whether or not it is ready to punish Pedophile State by staying home on game day. Football fans are not innocent, uninvolved spectators. They enable some of the worst criminals the American Family can produce. Providing money and blind, unearned worship to an institution that knowingly enabled a pedophile makes you just as guilty as Jerry Sandusky.

Stay home assholes!!

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