Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chicken Soup with The Best of Chicken Soup...

Human depravity of the kind witnessed in places like Texas Christian University, Steubenville, Maryville, and of course Columbine before the massacre will not be going away anytime soon. I'll never run out of vile people to blog about. And yes...I know The Onion is satire. I included that link because satire is often far more accurate than anything the mainstream media is willing to print. With that in mind, I think it's time to sum up some of the basic elements of why yesterday's victims of community sanctioned cruelty become tomorrow's serial killers, mass murderers, and terrorists.

Whether you're still in school or well into old age or anywhere in between, if you hate bullies then this post is for you. This was my first attempt to systematize the high school and college experience that so many people are familiar with. It's been described as a bit simplistic or sophomoric...and admittedly, it is, but it's also useful to anyone who feels the need to categorize all of the individual social cliques they had to deal with in their teens and early twenties.

This post further systematizes the bullying process. It should remind many readers of specific individuals they were forced to interact with during their adolescence and early adulthood.

This post describes bullying from the victim's point of view and references a case of bullying that occurred almost two years ago. I can find no significant media coverage of the outcome of His Majesty's court case.

For anyone interested in systems analysis, this post is for you.

This post emphasizes the principle of leading by example.

Here I attempted to put loud, obnoxious, and very righteous Americans under a spotlight. One of the political hot buttons I had in mind when writing this was abortion. Imagine how quickly one of those right wing nut cases would arrange for his lilly white, ultra pure, super Christian daughter to quietly get an abortion in a distant city if she were raped by an ugly, drug addicted, black guy.

Distraction from America's real problems is a common method of avoiding any obligation to address them. Terrorists are supposed to be the most evil people in least...that's what we're told. Yet no one seems anxious to mention the fact that Americans like killing, maiming, and torturing their fellow Americans in numbers that put even the most prolific terrorists to shame.

This post is in honor of all those heroes of resilience who claim to have been bullied and never even thought about killing anyone...Yeah...right.

And finally...this post employs an Orwellian reference to describe the ability to embrace two mutually exclusive beliefs simultaneously.

I hope you've enjoyed the soup.


  1. I certainly have, God Bless You Sir. I hope you'll always be around to cook something up for the starving masses that so desperately need it.

  2. Perhaps Ms. "completely disgusted by ignorance" could express her appreciation for all the soup I've provided...and enlighten us with facts of course.



    Much appreciation, Mr. Fowl Ideas. This is an uncivilized world we live but it is the rare bastions of civilization- like yourself- that make it worth continuing to have faith in the human world.

    A gift for you, kind sir. Since you suffered through Kalman's "How to Kiss Ass and develop Stockholm Syndrome for bullies," you deserve a good read!

    Like a fine wine, I hope to come back and sample this fine blog for many years to come. Cheers!

    Btw, a friend of mine contacted Mark Ames about your blog- the God of Writing himself has blessed your humble blog with his presence. ;)

    1. I have no idea how those videos are related to the subject matter but thank you for the complement and the reference to Mark Ames. I understand Rocky misses him terribly.

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